Hip hop artist Gdaal will soon be releasing his debut album "70" exclusively from Radio Faryad! Over the years, Gdaal has collaborated with many artists such as Erfan, Behzad Leito, Taham, and many more. His most recent work has been more commercial with the success of songs such as "Baraye To". On this upcoming new album, he has collaborated with producers Taham, The Don, Dara Kolahi, and Ardalan A13. It will be a mixture of more mainstream songs as well as distinguished underground hip hop. Featured artists of "70" will include Taham, Zakhmi, Iman Nasirpour, Shaan, The Don, and Mahta Khalili. Gdaal has wrote the lyrics for the album as those from the generation of the youth from the 1370 (Persian year) decade -- hence the name of the album. Stay tuned for news about the first single from the album as well as the release from RF! gdall
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